Call for Action: High Time to Prioritise Health in the EU Artificial Intelligence Act

Last year, the European Commission published its long awaited legislative proposal on artificial intelligence (AI): the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). Since then, a heated debate has been going on about its contents, as many civil society organisations believe the proposal falls short on fundamental rights protection. Various committees within the European Parliament have proposed amendments … Meer

EU Regulation of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges for Patients’ Rights

In order to create a well-functioning internal market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, the European Commission recently proposed the Artificial Intelligence Act. However, this legislative proposal pays limited attention to the health-specific risks the use of AI poses to patients’ rights. This article outlines that fundamental rights impacts associated with … Meer

Privacy Harmonisation in Times of Crisis

Hannah van Kolfschooten & Bastiaan Wallage On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force. From then on, the lawfulness of processing personal data within the European Union has been harmonised. The right to personal data protection, an important part of the human right to privacy, … Meer

A Legal Perspective on Contact Tracing

Information for early detection of health emergencies can save lives. In the COVID-19 crisis, we see that national governments in the European Union (EU) turn to widespread surveillance and contact tracing in order to gather information on the spreading and risks of the virus. Contact tracing is the tracing of … Meer

From Saramago’s Blindness Epidemic to EU Health Law

My interest in health emergencies was sparked when reading Saramago’s novel Blindness at age 16. It tells the story of a sudden blindness pandemic afflicting nearly everyone and I loved every word. Since then, I’ve seen countless post-apocalyptic movies on pandemics, ranging from classic contagion to zombies. I’ve played the … Meer